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Our mission

Make the world stronger, healthier and happier


Our investors

We’re fortunate to be backed by founders, operators and builders we admire and learn from every day.

Ali Guthy

Guthy-Renker (JLo Beauty, Proactiv);
Co-Founder, Air Ventures

Bryan Mahoney

Founder & CEO, Chord Commerce;
CTO, Glossier

Dave Asprey

Founder, Upgrade Labs;
Founder, Bulletproof

Jake Cohen

Partner, Detroit Venture Partners (StockX, 100Thieves, The Athletic)

Kirk Lacob

EVP Basketball Ops, Golden State Warriors

Ryan Renker

Guthy-Renker (JLo Beauty, Proactiv);
Co-Founder, Air Ventures

Tim Katt

Sports & Entertainment Executive

Andy Dunn

Founder, Bonobos

Dan Gilbert

Owner, Cleveland Cavaliers;
Founder, Rocket Mortgage

Deepen Parikh

Partner, Courtside Ventures

Joe Speiser

Founder, Hampton VC;
Serial Entrepreneur

Nakisa Bidarian

Founder, Most Valuable Promotions;
CFO & Chief Strategy Officer, UFC

Sam Parr

Founder, My First Million Podcast;
Founder, The Hustle

Todd Deacon

Partner, Wildcard Ventures - VC arm of the Australian Open Grand Slam

Bradley Chubb

2X Pro Bowl Linebacker, Miami Dolphins;
Captain Partners

Daniel Sturridge

English Soccer Player - Man City,
Chelsea, Liverpool

Dilip Goswami

Founder, Molekule

Jordan Nathan

Founder & CEO, Caraway Home

Naval Ravikant

Founder, AngelList

Shawn Carolan

Partner, Menlo Ventures (Uber, Roku, Siri)

Zaza Pachulia

2x NBA Champion, Golden State Warriors

And many more...

Kabata isn’t just fitness - it’s a way of life

Kabata (n. Japanese) 

an ecosystem of connected reservoirs that allows natural spring water to flow through a community of homes

Families share & conserve the water, keeping it clean for the next home. Neighbors gather around to form bonds. As the water flows through its final home, it returns to nurture its native land.

We love the concepts of family, community, trust, friendship and growth that are inherent in this cycle and aspire to embody these values in every Kabata workout.

Kabata (n. Tagalog)
childhood friend

We became best friends in childhood, meeting in elementary school. To us, fitness is more than just individual strength - it's about growing stronger together.

Although strength training offers immense health benefits, we understand the challenge of staying consistent. We hope that what we’ve built makes your fitness journey easier and more enjoyable.

With Love and Strength,

Kareem & Brian

Co-Founders, Kabata

Suns out, guns out!
Brian, Kareem, and their friend Mario at a childhood birthday party
Vamos a Argentina!
Kareem & Brian post-Kabata shoot
Vlad (SVP of Engineering), Brian, and Kareem in San Francisco
Meet the team!

We have a world-class team from leading organizations including: Apple, iRobot, Whoop, Nike, Peloton, Felicis, Meta, Postmates, Amazon, UCLA & Stanford.

Andrew Mackarous

Sr. iOS Engineer

  • Sr. iOS Engineer, Hopper
  • Sr. iOS Engineer, Nearside (acquired)

Brian Lovera

Co-Founder & CTO

  • Robotic Systems, iRobot
  • Applications Engineer, Philips

Dalton Claybrook

Staff iOS Engineer

  • Staff Software Engineer, Peloton
  • Sr. iOS Engineer,

Dan Kayser

Sr. Mechanical Engineer

  • Sr. Mechanical Engineer, Tonal
  • Mechanical Design Engineer, Postmates
  • Stanford

Dr. David Von Dollen

Head of AI

  • Head of AI, Volkswagen
  • Sr. Data Scientist, Audi
  • Data Analyst, Berkshire Hathaway

John Pizzo

Sr. Software Engineer

  • Sr. Software Engineer, Apple
  • Software Engineer, Meta

Kareem Aly

Co-Founder & CEO

  • Principal, Felicis Ventures
  • Investment Banking, Deutsche Bank
  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer; UCLA

Olivia Thompson

Director of Growth Marketing

  • Director of Marketing, Sesh (acquired)
  • Operating Partner - Marketing & eCommerce, Nike

Tom Rand

Head of Design

  • Sr. Director Product Design, Whoop
  • Sr. UX Design Lead, Amazon

Dr. Vlad Joukov

SVP, Engineering

  • R&D Scientist, Cardon Rehab
  • Advanced Computation Group, Apple
  • PhD

Our culture & values

Anyone can lift

No matter who you are or where you’re starting from, we’ve got your back and are here to help you keep pushing forward.

Stronger together

We believe that at the core of strength lies trust, togetherness, and communal empowerment. We want to feel our best every day, and we want you to be on that journey with us.

Design the future

With design, AI and innovation at our core, we are committed to building a future that reclaims well-being.

Our journey, from the beginning to now

Charting our course

In December 2020, we incorporated Kabata, formalizing the beginning of our mission to make the world stronger, healthier and happier.

Kabata raises $2M angel round

A few months later, we secured angel funding, backed by notable names such as Naval Ravikant, Zaza Pachulia, Bradley Chubb and Dan Gilbert.

The real work begins...

We engineered numerous prototypes, each iteration bringing us one step closer to turning our groundbreaking product into a reality.

$5M Seed round + design awards

Menlo Ventures led our $5M Seed round, enabling us to expand our team to 10, win several design awards, and move into manufacturing.

Pre-orders go live!

We’re excited to launch pre-orders for our highly anticipated Kabata AI dumbbells, with product shipments expected later this year.