Backed by top NBA, NFL athletes
Limited time: $200 off + 6 months of Kabata AI App free
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Our technology

Meet the next generation in strength training

Meet the new face of strength training.

Kabata is making your sweat session smarter.
Let's push some weight.

Compact form factor

12 sets of dumbbells condensed into one minimalist design

Best-in-class weight range

5 to 60 lbs. per dumbbell in 5-lb. increments.

High-res LCD display

See what weight you're using and toggle between settings.

Knurled handle

Cutting-edge, slip-resistant handle crafted through extensive R&D.

Immersive haptic feedback

Gaming-inspired haptics send feedback straight to your hand.

Premium nylon overmold

Smooth dumbbell insertion, coupled with a near-silent lift.

Roller wheel

Allows for easy transportation of the dumbbells around the home.

Exceptional durability

Engineered to exceed industry standards in reliability and performance.

Tech specs

gaming-inspired haptic
feedback *buzz buzz*
advanced motion tracking technology
16 3/4 in long x 7 1/4 in wide x 6 3/4 in high
18 1/4 in long x 18 in wide x 4 3/4 in high
Dumbbells in base
18 1/4 in long x 18 in wide x 9 in high
RGB status LED
on the base
cast iron inside + premium, anti-scratch, impact-resistant overmold
Mobile app UX
(no Android...yet)
advanced analytics and workout tracking
Video quality
video streaming & workout content
Bluetooth 5.4 and standard Wi-Fi
(802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz) functionality
per dumbbell in
5-lb increments
per unit + 10-lb
charging base
deep neural
models + state-of-the-art workout
recommendation engine
advanced AI
Roller wheel
located at the back of the base for
easy transport around the home
usable while either plugged in or battery powered; docked charging

base battery can last about one week from full charge with display and LEDs turned off; dumbbell battery can last about one month from full charge
Science-backed workouts & analytics

Track your fitness journey, as the Kabata mobile app delivers workouts on demand and data-driven insights to unlock the strongest version of you.

The only dumbbell that changes weight for you

Get some time back in your busy day

Kabata adjusts in 5-lb. increments from 5 to 60 lbs. in under two seconds - with three ways to change weight:

Base dial

Change weight quickly with the simple turn of a dial.

Mobile app

Tap your selection in the Kabata app for a responsive weight change.

AI mode

Let Kabata AI adjust your weight for you - the only dumbbell that can do so!

Backed by top NBA, NFL athletes
Limited time: $200 off + 6 months of Kabata AI App free
100% Money-Back Guarantee

Work (out)
from home

Only have a few minutes? No problem.

Say goodbye to packed gyms and long commutes. Hit a quick pump in between meetings - all in under 2 x 2 sq. ft. of space.

AI-powered progress for all levels

Experience lasting results, as Kabata’s cutting-edge AI and ML models analyze your workout data to coach you based on your unique profile.

Let’s get ready to rumble

Gaming-inspired haptic feedback

Step into an immersive environment as your dumbbells vibrate and pulse, guiding your tempo, enhancing your form, and empowering you to keep pushing forward.

Backed by top NBA, NFL athletes
Limited time: $200 off + 6 months of Kabata AI App free
100% Money-Back Guarantee


Precision-engineered knurling

Engineered over several rounds of R&D, the Kabata knurled handle is both slip-resistant and callus-resistant, ensuring a firm yet comfortable hold on every lift.